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15mm Trans Jelly Fritz Multi Pack

15mm Trans Jelly Fritz Multi Pack

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Introducing Fly Tying Scotland's 15mm Trans Fritz – the ultimate game-changer for fly tying enthusiasts! Unleash the magic of our Trans Fritz, a unique material that transforms into a mesmerizing jelly-like appearance when wet, adding an irresistible allure to your fly patterns.

Crafted with precision in Italy and meticulously dyed at Fly Tying Scotland, the 15mm Trans Fritz offers an unparalleled combination of quality and creativity. Its gel-like properties when wet create a lifelike and enticing look that is sure to attract the attention of even the most elusive fish.

Tying flies has never been this easy! Our Trans Fritz is designed for hassle-free tying, allowing both novice and experienced fly tiers to effortlessly create stunning patterns. The 2-meter packs provide you with an ample supply to fuel your creativity and experiment with various designs, ensuring you're always ready for your next angling adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned fly tying expert or just starting your journey, Fly Tying Scotland's 15mm Trans Fritz is the perfect addition to your toolkit. Elevate your fly patterns, entice more strikes, and bring your fishing experience to a whole new level with the captivating and versatile Trans Fritz. Dive into the world of innovative fly tying – order your pack today and experience the magic firsthand!

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