About Us

Fly Tying Scotland is an up and coming but dedicated company

We sell all kinds of products and materials related to fly tying and fishing flies. Using raw materials that are derived only from the highest quality source, engineered with the highest level of craftsmanship. The founders of Fly Tying Scotland are expert fishermen themselves. Having over thirty years of invaluable and credible experience in this well-loved art and hobby. Fly Tying Scotland controls and makes sure that it is their products used exclusively. This ensures the brand owners are heavily involved in every step of production and that the products being sold adhere to a very strict and high standard “their own”.

Fishing is more than just a means to make a living

For Fly Tying Scotland fishing is more than a business, more than a major industry in Scotland, it’s a way of life, something that bears a lot of cultural weight and importance in the country. Indeed, according to the census, as much as 60% of the United Kingdom’s fishing industry comes from Scotland. Fly Tying Scotland understands this. Through this venture, Fly Tying Scotland aims to provide their countrymen with the tools and what it takes to become a top fisherman.

Fly Tying Scotland Offers you

Easy to digest and informative tutorials and videos ranging from

Tying the best flies for Stillwater and rivers
the most popular and sophisticated flies
Other fly tying materials around.

We also offer personal and up-close advice on how to use these products as well as professional guides and tips based on our vast experience. The forte of the company is in Fly Tying, with the owners adept and very experienced in this field. Fly tying involves the practice of creating imitation fishing flies that resemble different types of flies and insects

Anglers use these imitation fishing flies to trick and catch fish. The materials required for fly tying are many and varied.
Other factors

Type of fish being pursued
Where the fishing will take place
The time of year.

Using our guides and tutorials you will gain technique allowing you to finally master the art of Fly Tying and Fly fishing

Fly Tying Scotland also makes their product available to be purchased wholesale for those who want to establish their own fishing and fly tying shop. The company also supports those who want to establish their own brand as the company can provide clients with the products that are already packaged with the client’s own branding as requested. If you want to learn more on how you can ake up these exciting offers, want to get expert advice on fishing and fly tying, or if you have any questions, suggestions and comments, you can simply contact Fly Tying Scotland