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Fly Tying Scotland

Dennis 15 Fly Tying Fritz

Dennis 15 Fly Tying Fritz

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Introducing Fly Tying Scotland's Dennis 15 Fly Tying Fritz – a 15mm blob fritz infused with vibrant red flash, perfect for crafting eye-catching flies. Specifically designed for tying the iconic Dennis the Menace fly, the black version of Dennis Fritz is your key to replicating this legendary pattern. Available in convenient 2-meter packs, this versatile fly tying material comes in a range of colors to suit your creative preferences.

Key Features:

Striking Red Flash: Elevate your fly patterns with Dennis Fritz's signature touch of red flash, adding a dynamic and enticing element to your creations.

Dennis the Menace Fly: The black version of Dennis Fritz is the go-to choice for tying the renowned Dennis the Menace fly, ensuring authenticity and effectiveness in replicating this classic pattern.

Convenient 2-Meter Packs: Each pack contains 2 meters of high-quality Dennis Fritz, providing ample material for multiple fly tying projects.

Versatile Color Range: Explore a variety of colors to suit your individual style and preferences, allowing you to customize your flies for different fishing conditions.

Crafted with precision by Fly Tying Scotland, Dennis Fritz is the ultimate choice for fly tyers seeking a reliable and visually appealing blob fritz. Enhance your fly tying repertoire, channel the spirit of Dennis the Menace, and secure your 2-meter packs today to infuse your creations with the irresistible allure of red flash.
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