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15mm Boosted Fritz Dyed Butterscotch

15mm Boosted Fritz Dyed Butterscotch 2

A while ago I dyed some flexi in Butterscotch.

This proved to be very popular so thought I would dye some fritz the same colour.

butterscotch boosted fritz








I have used it already and it worked well despite it being a difficult day at the fishery.

Tied on it’s own it caught 3 fish on a hard day.

Looking to team it with some other colours to try on my next fishing trip.



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Ultra One – The New Fritz

Ultra One - The New Fritz 4

ultra one fly tying fritz









Ultra One is the new 1mm fly tying fritz from Fly Tying Scotland.

This fritz can be used for tying traditional as well as modern patterns.

ultra one fly

As used in the invicta pictured Ultra One gives a very buggy look to the fly which will only improve it’s effectiveness.

But that’s only the beginning of it’s uses, as the bug pictured below shows it takes this type of fly to a whole new level.

ultra one bug

With fourteen colours in the range there is plenty of scope for tying all sorts.

The FL Peacock is especially interesting, when under UV light it shows up lighter green.

ultra one fl peacock

Ultra One comes in 2 meter packs and costs only £2 per pack.