Silstar Refrax Zero


100m spools of Silstar Refrax Zero

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I have been fishing with this fluorocarbon and was so impressed with it I had to add it to my range.

I first tested this at Lake of Menteith and the 6.6lb breaking strain had no problem coping with these superb hard fighting trout, even when taking the dropper fly the fluorocarbon held firm and allowed me to bully the fish in for quick release.

The diameter is surprisingly fine for the breaking strain, with the 6.6lb measuring 0.165mm the 8.8lb at 0.185mm, the 10lb at 0.215mm and the 11.5 at 0.24mm.

  • 100m Spools
  • High Abrasion
  • UV Stable
  • Made in Germany

This has become my first choice fluorocarbon due to its high performance and reasonable price.

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Breaking Strain

6.6lb, 8.8lb, 10lb, 11.5lb