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Indian Capes Now In Stock

Indian Capes Now In Stock 2

We now have some very nice Indian capes in stock.

dyed indian cock capes








Both cock capes and hen capes in natural and dyed.

natural indian cock capes


These capes are perfect for fly tying with a good range of hackles from small dries to large lures.

There are nine colours of dyed cock capes and eight natural.




The dyed hen have seven colours.

dyed hen capes








While the natural hen have six in the range.

natural hen capes

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New Blob I’m Working On

New Blob I'm Working On 2

Been working on this blob.

nmc blob









Picture does not really show the colour properly.

The colour at the back is a between a Coral and an Orange.

It has worked well on it’s own but thought I would team it with FL Yellow and add booby eyes.

I will be trying this out over the next week or so and will post up dates on it’s success or failure.

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15mm Boosted Fritz Dyed Butterscotch

15mm Boosted Fritz Dyed Butterscotch 2

A while ago I dyed some flexi in Butterscotch.

This proved to be very popular so thought I would dye some fritz the same colour.

butterscotch boosted fritz








I have used it already and it worked well despite it being a difficult day at the fishery.

Tied on it’s own it caught 3 fish on a hard day.

Looking to team it with some other colours to try on my next fishing trip.